"Just Give Me 5!"

The principles and concepts contained in Legacy Leadership are applicable to all of life, not just the business environment. Although the program was originally designed merely to reflect what was known to be proven and timeless methods for leadership success, it soon became obvious that captured in these 5 Best Practices is a simple framework for living a successful and happy life. After Legacy Leadership® was applied in a number of corporate arenas, as well as with individuals, the calls began pouring in desiring something for children. Educators were amazed at the simplicity of the model, and CoachWorks® was asked to produce Legacy Leadership® for children.

Children's Version

The language used to describe the 5 Best Practices of Legacy Leadership® for adults is not appropriate for children. The words have, therefore, been adapted for suitable use with children of limited vocabulary and understanding. The entire program has been scaled down for simplified use. This "kid-friendly" version is intended for third grade through sixth grade. We believe that third grade children (ages 9-10 usually) are ready for the concepts presented in Legacy Leadership®. They are still of the age where innocence has not yet been replaced by the "I already know everything" attitude. They are eager to learn, very bright, and catch on quickly to concepts. They are also learning and using new skills everyday, including rationalization, creative thinking and problem solving.

While the concepts remain the same, the language used to define the terms is different:

Best Practice

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

  • 5

Adult Version

  • Holder of Vision and Values

  • Creator of collaboration and Innovation
  • Influencer of Inspiration and Leadership
  • Advocator of Difference and Community
  • Calibrator of Responsibility and Accountability

Kid's Version

  • Holder of Direction and Truth
  • Creator of Partners and Possibility
  • Builder of People and Spirit

  • Defender of Differences and Teams
  • Tracker of Progress and Purpose

The term "The 5 Best Practices" has also been changed to "The 5 Best Actions" for children. The Legacy Leadership® mascot, Little Leader, was adapted for the Kid's Model, using his right hand up in a "give me 5" salute, and thus the title for the children's version: JUST GIVE ME 5.

We are happy to provide some free materials for your use. We do not sell any materials for the children's model.

Free Downloads

Click on the items below to download and view or print various files that can be helpful in teaching this leadership program to children. While you may print and distribute these materials for personal and professional use, you may not change, modify, adapt or create anything new based upon these materials. You also cannot offer these materials for sale. The copyrights and trademarks are owned by CoachWorks International, Inc.

1. “Just Give Me 5” Model Card (2-sided "card" summary of the children's model, 8-1/2 X 11)

2. Flash cards (Contains standard size 8-1/2 X 11 as well as 1/4 page "cards" for front and back printing highlighting the 5 Best Actions)

3. Coloring book (std 8-1/2 X 11 size, color cover, BW coloring pages)

4. Large Coloring Poster (large poster, print quality, 24 X 32 BW for coloring)

5. Large full-color poster (large poster, print quality, 24 X 32 FULL COLOR)