This book is the culmination of our work as executive leader coaches with leaders in every area of industry, at every level of leadership. It is the complete explanation of the Legacy Leadership model, and includes a comprehensive development guide for those interested in taking their leadership to new heights.

Legacy Leadership® is the guide for all leaders to achieve timeless greatness-and live their legacies today. It is a comprehensive platform of 5 Legacy Practices common in all great leaders. It is a philosophy, a model, and a proven process for bringing out individual best, developing leaders, establishing organizational leadership culture, and positively impacting the bottom line. It is a balanced approach to people and results.

Legacy in leadership is not about leaving something behind. It is about influencing others enough to cause change, a shift from unconsciously doing leadership to consciously being a leader and living your legacy now.

Here's what others are saying about this book:

"Not since "Built to Last" have I resonated so much with a leadership book. There are a lot of leadership models out there, but most of them lack the one critical factor for real legacy - the genuine caring about others that builds trust. Smith and Sandstrom have captured that heart connection, and combined it with the essence of solid leadership for a timeless platform for leaders to achieve real and lasting greatness. Legacy Leadership should be the well-worn, dog-eared guide of every leader."
Dave Sabey, President and Founder, Sabey Corporation
Commercial Real Estate Development

"There are hundreds of leadership books out there, and while some of them even mention leaving a legacy, not until Sandstrom and Smith's Legacy Leadership has there been one book to map out the exact route for how leaders, both new and seasoned, can live and lead with legacy in mind. Their model offers a simple, elegant structure of subtle sophistication that any leader, or anyone who is coaching, training, or developing leaders, needs to understand. Good leaders to great leaders to LEGACY leaders can be created, and Smith and Sandstrom show us how."
Suzi Pomerantz, MT, MCC
CEO, Innovative Leadership International and author of Seal the Deal

"Finally a book on leadership that is insightful, eloquent and a must read for forward-thinking leaders and organizations. Legacy Leadership steps beyond traditional approaches and provides a very compelling, pragmatic and universal model for leaders who want to inspire, create, and develop sustainable leadership - in themselves and others. Legacy moves us beyond the platitudes of most leadership development literature and into the heart of leadership - to our deepest human potential - while asking us to focus our attention on what really matters - the people we lead and influence. This book is essential reading for executives entrusted with the leadership of others."
Teri McEachern, MBA, CMC, CHRP, PCC, CEC
Vice President, Leadership Intelligence Inc.

Smith and Sandstrom are executive leader coaches, and co-founders of CoachWorks® International, Inc. They have coached top level executives across a variety of industries, in every size and type of organization. With over 40 years combined experience both nationally and internationally, their mission is to have at least one Legacy Leader in every organization, worldwide.

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